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Blog File: Get the best news about Ecuador | Start Living Ecuador

Blog: Get the best news about Ecuador. Come Explore Ecuador with us and enjoy the best trip of your life. We offer trips to every end of the world.

Ecuador captives the world with its spectacular destinations, natural and cultural wealth, biodiversity of its four regions, weather, people and more! This award winning country is the main option for those who want to explore and live an adventure. Don’t miss out Manabí and all its benefits for retirees! Here in Start Living you will find all kind of information you need for traveling around Ecuador. We invite you to visit and discover this wonderful country and live unforgettable experiences.

Catequilla the Center of the World | Start Living Ecuador
Around 700.000 people visit every year the Monument to the Center of the World in Quito. The number that visits Catequilla, the true Middle of the World, is unknown.   The monument to the middle of the world is located in San Antonio de Pichincha, about an hour north of the center of the city....
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Puerto Quito a Paradise of Biodiversity| Start Living Ecuador
Created on April 1st, 1996 and located 143 kilometers to the north and west of Quito, Puerto Quito is one of the touristic destinations from the so-called Quitu-Caras Trail, where national and foreign visitors can enjoy from communitarian eco-tourism, adventure trails, or resting next to the Caoni and Silanche rivers and also discover beautiful waterfalls....
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Yahuarcocha Lake Car Races | Start Living Ecuador
Yahuarcocha Lake Car Races | Start Living Ecuador Laguna Yahuarcocha, meaning blood lake in the Kichwa language, is a sacred lake of Ecuador. The Car Races in Yaguarcocha.   Looking across the still waters in the picturesque region of Ibarra, it is hard to imagine that it was once the scene of a bloody massacre, a consequence of...
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Blog: Fig Dessert Recipe | Start Living Ecuador
Figs have been around for centuries. It is a native plant of the middle east where it was cultivated for its fruit starting centuries ago.   It is probably one of the first plant cultivated by humans, it even predates the domestication before wheat. Both Aristotle and Theophrastus described it in their works. They were...
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Babaco native fruit: a dessert recipe | Start Living Ecuador
The babaco fruit, sometimes called mountain papaya is a native fruit of Ecuador, and you can find it amongst the dishes served at our restaurant in Montecristi Golf Club.   It grows in mountains over 2000 meters and it is the most tolerant plant to cold temperatures. A plant can produce anywhere from 30 to...
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Cerro Pata de Pajaro in Manabí | Start Living Ecuador
Cerro Pata de Pajaro in Manabí | Start Living Ecuador In the Bird’s Foot Hill you have the opportunity to see impressive natural surroundings and also the situation of the reserve and the threats it faces. Pedernales is located in the province of Manabi, and only 193 KM away from Montecristi Golf Club. Here you...
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Guayaquil’s Dish: Guatita Recipe | Start Living Ecuador
The Guatita (Cow Stomach) Around 1599 in Spain is born a dish called “callos”. Pieces of cow or ram’s stomach (tripe) cooked in different ways.   Callos is a Spanish dish with humble origins, as tripe, it’s always been an inexpensive ingredient. We know that it’s been consumed since the 15th century, based on the...
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Blog: Devil's Nose Train Trail | Start Living Ecuador
However, the most technically difficult part of the route was a massive rock called » The Devil’s Nose » right in the middle between Alausi and Sibambe.   When the, then President of the Republic of Ecuador, General Eloy Alfaro, became President in 1897, he announced a new train line would be built to unite...
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Traditional Games in Ecuador | Start Living Ecuador
So, let’s have a look at some of the traditional games we have in Ecuador, those our great grandparents invented, our parents learned from their parents and now we teach and play with our children. Nowadays with all the technology around children pay little to no attention to games involving marbles or chalk. Ecuador still...
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Traditional Music: Pasillo Music Genre | Start Living Ecuador
The Pasillo (in English the little step) is a South American genre of music extremely popular in the countries that were a part of the nineteen-century Viceroyalty of New Granada and Grand Colombia. It is born in Colombia and it spread around the territories especially in Ecuador where we consider it the national music style....
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Blog: Tips for Visiting Ecuador | Start Living Ecuador
Here, at Monstecristi Golf Club, we are always looking for making your stay unforgettable, so we have a list of the best tips you need to know before traveling to Ecuador:   Money: Ecuador uses US dollars so you won’t need to bother with exchange rates at any point. However, Ecuadorians are quite used to...
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Blog: Saint Peter Festivities | Start Living Ecuador
Festivities in Bolivar The festivities can extend up to 15 days some years and include fire pits, dances, costumes and a lot of drinking to “honor” the Saint.   Not very far from Guaranda, just about 5 kilometers from the center of the city, you arrive at a small town called Guanujo. This town is...
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