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Ecuadorian Culture

Ecuadorian Culture File: The news about Ecuador | Start Living Ecuador

Ecuadorian Culture. Come Explore Ecuador with us and enjoy the best trip of your life. We offer trips to every end of the world.

Ecuador captives the world with its spectacular destinations, natural and cultural wealth, biodiversity of its four regions, weather, people and more! This award winning country is the main option for those who want to explore and live an adventure. Don’t miss out Manabí and all its benefits for retirees! Here in Start Living you will find all kind of information you need for traveling around Ecuador. We invite you to visit and discover this wonderful country and live unforgettable experiences.


Blog: Fig Dessert Recipe | Start Living Ecuador
Figs have been around for centuries. It is a native plant of the middle east where it was cultivated for its fruit starting centuries ago.   It is probably one of the first plant cultivated by humans, it even predates the domestication before wheat. Both Aristotle and Theophrastus described it in their works. They were...
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Traditional Music: Pasillo Music Genre | Start Living Ecuador
The Pasillo (in English the little step) is a South American genre of music extremely popular in the countries that were a part of the nineteen-century Viceroyalty of New Granada and Grand Colombia. It is born in Colombia and it spread around the territories especially in Ecuador where we consider it the national music style....
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Blog: Saint Peter Festivities | Start Living Ecuador
Festivities in Bolivar The festivities can extend up to 15 days some years and include fire pits, dances, costumes and a lot of drinking to “honor” the Saint.   Not very far from Guaranda, just about 5 kilometers from the center of the city, you arrive at a small town called Guanujo. This town is...
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Locro a very traditional Andean soup | Start Living Ecuador
As we have mentioned, in the Andean Region locro is a very traditional dish. Served in different ways, with avocado, with “cuero”, or with cheese, this is a traditional Andean soup made with potatoes. Are you interested in trying this dish at home? Well, it is very easy to make, and here you can find...
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Diablada de Pillaro a Colorful Festivity | Start Living Ecuador
The communities of Píllaro in the Andean center of Ecuador celebrate between the 1st and 6th of January a Festival called Diablada. This Festival has become one of the main attractions when looking for indigenous culture.   The Festival, which is considered Cultural Heritage since 2008, consists of parades and dancers dressed as devils. The...
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The Inti Raymi or Feast of the Sun | Start Living Ecuador
The Inti Raymi or Feast of the Sun is one of the main traditions of the Andean world. It is a thanksgiving festival to the harvests, especially to the corn harvest. In the Incas Era, it was the most important of the four festivals held in Cusco, because it meant that half a year was...
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Zamora's Frog Leg Dish Recipe | Start Living Ecuador
Zamora’s Frog Leg Dish Recipe | Start Living Ecuador Zamora city offers tourists lots of different activities but when food is concerned, it has gone far and beyond developing the “frog industry”. Frog Legs Dish. Zamora city is located in the Southern part of Ecuador. This capital of one of the Amazonian provinces offers its...
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Chontacuro: Adventurous Eating | Start Living Ecuador
The “Chonta worms” or Chontacuros are the larvae or grubs of a beetle that puts its eggs in the Chonta tree. It has been a diet of the Amazonian cultures since the beginning of times, but it has become popular in urban areas and amongst tourists in the pasts years. The larva is eaten because...
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The Legacy of Ecuadorian Art | Start Living Ecuador
Art has always been a backbone of Ecuador’s History and Culture. Whether it is theater, dancing, painting, or architecture, each brings something to learn or appreciate. Ecuadorian art has a great European influence because Spanish artists were the ones who taught the techniques back in the days of the Colonies. Religious art was how it...
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Manabí Culture And History | Start Living Ecuador
Manabí Culture And History | Start Living Ecuador Manabí province has extraordinary cultural richness, latent in its history and traditions. This province was the cradle of the first Ecuadorian navigators. Manabí Culture. Manabí province is characterized by its extraordinary cultural richness, latent in its history and traditions. This province was the cradle of the first...
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Blog: Sal Prieta Cooking Spice | Start Living Ecuador
With a dark color looking like brown sugar Sal Prieta will be present in Manabí and most of its households and some traditional restaurants. This preparation made of corn flour, peanuts, and spices has become a symbol of the province. Known as the food that identifies de gastronomy of the in the research made by...
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Ecuadorian Coast: Traditional Festivities
Some of the festivities that you can enjoy if you live or visit the Coast Region of Ecuador are the Rodeo Montubio, San Biritute, and Mariana Fest. The Rodeo Montubio It is a celebration of Spanish heritage in which the Montubios participate representing haciendas or associations, always wearing the traditional Paja Toquilla hat. The prize...
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