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Places to Visit File: The best news about Ecuador | Start Living Ecuador

Places to Visit File. Come Explore Ecuador with us and enjoy the best trip of your life. We offer trips to every end of the world.

Ecuador captives the world with its spectacular destinations, natural and cultural wealth, biodiversity of its four regions, weather, people and more! This award winning country is the main option for those who want to explore and live an adventure. Don’t miss out Manabí and all its benefits for retirees! Here in Start Living you will find all kind of information you need for traveling around Ecuador. We invite you to visit and discover this wonderful country and live unforgettable experiences.


Quilotoa Lagoon A Volcanic Crater Lake | Start Living Ecuador
At about 14 kilometers from Zumbahua, about an hour from Latacunga lies the small village of Quilotoa atop the famous volcanic crater lake of Quilotoa Lagoon. A really marvelous site to visit.   Another activitiy to enjoy, apart from the ones offered in Montecristi Golf Club, is the one where you get in contact with...
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Catequilla the Center of the World | Start Living Ecuador
Around 700.000 people visit every year the Monument to the Center of the World in Quito. The number that visits Catequilla, the true Middle of the World, is unknown.   The monument to the middle of the world is located in San Antonio de Pichincha, about an hour north of the center of the city....
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Puerto Quito a Paradise of Biodiversity| Start Living Ecuador
Created on April 1st, 1996 and located 143 kilometers to the north and west of Quito, Puerto Quito is one of the touristic destinations from the so-called Quitu-Caras Trail, where national and foreign visitors can enjoy from communitarian eco-tourism, adventure trails, or resting next to the Caoni and Silanche rivers and also discover beautiful waterfalls....
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Cerro Pata de Pajaro in Manabí | Start Living Ecuador
Cerro Pata de Pajaro in Manabí | Start Living Ecuador In the Bird’s Foot Hill you have the opportunity to see impressive natural surroundings and also the situation of the reserve and the threats it faces. Pedernales is located in the province of Manabi, and only 193 KM away from Montecristi Golf Club. Here you...
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Blog: Devil's Nose Train Trail | Start Living Ecuador
However, the most technically difficult part of the route was a massive rock called » The Devil’s Nose » right in the middle between Alausi and Sibambe.   When the, then President of the Republic of Ecuador, General Eloy Alfaro, became President in 1897, he announced a new train line would be built to unite...
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La Bomba Traditional Dance | Start Living Ecuador
La Bomba Traditional Dance | Start Living Ecuador The Chota Valley is located to the north of the country between the Esmeraldas, Imbabura and Carchi provinces. A beautiful green valley in between arid mountains where you can taste some of the sweetest grapes. It is home to close to 25000 inhabitants. Almost all of them...
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Guayasamin's Chapel of Man | Start Living Ecuador
Guayasamin’s Chapel of Man | Start Living Ecuador Located in Quito’s Bellavista neighborhood, La Capilla del Hombre (The Chapel of Man) overlooks the city a few blocks from the Guayasamin Museum. It is one of the most important works of art in South America. One of his greatest visions, a tribute to humankind.   In...
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Salinas of Guaranda: Salt Workers | Start Living Ecuador
Salinas in Guaranda About 30 kilometers north from Guaranda, death smacked in the middle of the mountains of the Ecuadorian Andes region and up about 3500 meters above sea levels you can visit the small town of Salinas of Guaranda.   The name Salinas literally means a place with salt and this mineral has been...
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Portoviejo Rock City or The Birth of Rock Music in Ecuador
Portoviejo Rock City Some six and a half hours by car from Quito or a 50-minute flight, you will arrive at Portoviejo, Manabi’s capital, the “royal tamarind tree” city named so after the beautiful fruit trees that grow there; and just 30 minutes from the city of Montecristi, where you can visit Montecristi golf club....
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The Salado Boardwalk Fountains | Start Living Ecuador
Guayaquil: The Salado Boardwalk Fountains In Guayas province, south from Montecristi Golf Club, at the Estero Salado in Guayaquil, seven years ago the town hall built a four-hundred-meter-long boardwalk as a part of the urban regeneration project. It is one of the biggest undertakings of the current city administration to rehabilitate the once watering place...
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Blog: Pacoche Forest Diversity | Start Living Ecuador
Pacoche Forest Diversity | Start Living Ecuador Located in the Manta province in Ecuador (a short half an hour flight from Quito) smack in the middle of the Ruta del Sol Trail you can find the Pacoche Forest just 16 miles south of Manta. A natural reserve filled with one of a kind plants and...
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Santay Island: Nature and History | Start Living Ecuador
Santay Island : Nature and History | Start Living Ecuador Located on the Guayas River, in front of the city of Guayaquil, 800 meters away but right in front of it to be exact. The 2,179 hectares is the home to 56 families with an average of between 207 and 230 inhabitants. It is said...
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