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Ecuadorian Culture and History

Living in Ecuador means being able to visit different cultures, customs, and traditions. No need to cross great distances between each destination. Ecuador Culture and History

Living in Ecuador means being able to visit different cultures, customs, and traditions, whenever you want. No need to cross great distances between each destination, because Ecuador’s history and its diverse geography helped create the identities of the different communities with their own culture and traditions. Each of the 4 regions: Gálapagos, the Coast, the Andes, and the Amazon Region, has a unique history, economy, culture and traditions.

To have a better understanding of the diversity of the cultures you need to know a few things about Ecuador’s social and political history:

Although the Inca empire originated in Peru, in the early sixteenth century it began to spread through Ecuador. The older Ecuadorians cultures such as the Quitus (who lived in the surroundings of what today is Quito), the Cañari and the Caras spoke Quechua during Inca rule, a language that served as the lingua franca of the empire and is still widely spoken in Ecuador. It is said that the last Inca Emperor, Atahualpa, was very fond of Quito, hence he even wanted to make Quito the capital of the Empire.

The Spanish arrived shortly after, in 1531, and founded two cities: Guayaquil and Quito, which still exist today. The era of Spanish influence regarding culture, social and political aspects continued until 1809 when Ecuador gave the first cry of independence, but it was on May 24, 1822, with the war of independence that the Spanish ruling was defeated.

Simon Bolivar’s dream of having a big nation “The Great Colombia” marked the next chapter of Ecuadorian history but later in 1830 it was dissolved and the Republic of Ecuador was created.

These are a few of the reason why Ecuador is a multiethnic country, and its population is of Indigenous, African and European heritage. The highest percentage of Ecuadorians (72%) are mestizos, with a mixture of Spanish and Indigenous ancestry, 7% have African ancestry, 7% are Indigenous population (the one with the greatest cultural diversity in Ecuador), and 7% are Montubios. But because the Montubios, the indigenous communities of Ecuador, the mestizos and afro-descendant have kept alive many of their myths and rituals, many foreigners have come to Ecuador, and have fallen in love with it.

Be a part of this history by living in Ecuador!

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