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Huecas and Traditions

Local Places to Eat: Huecas | Start Living Ecuador

In Ecuador a “hueca” in a small restaurant where you can find traditional food prepared the way they usually are at the home of any family.

In Ecuador a «hueca» in a small restaurant where you can find fast food but not in the way fast food is known in other countries. In las Huecas (how it is called by locals) in Ecuador and especially in Quito you can find traditional food prepared the way they usually are at home of any family.

They can also have food that is not necessarily on the daily menu and is just a snack (antojito). These snacks are something that will have a connection with the history and upbringing in the city; they are like cravings that sometimes can take you to de past.

These little restaurants are not expensive, but their food is very elaborate and well prepared. Their owners will be very centered in the dish they serve. They are an economic option that can easily compete with any other restaurant with a different price range and target.

The food from Quito is a mix of flavors and exquisite aromas that have their origins in the prehispanic period, later they grew and were enriched in the colonies; getting to blossom now in de modern and cosmopolitan time.

The flavors from Quito are having a big boom, chefs, hotels, researchers and enterprises are working to restore de history and traditions behind every dish and to go back to the authentic preparation to give our visitors a very high option and experience.

The goal is to recover the value of each product and technique in the preparations that have been lost in time. Some of the big Hotels and Universities in Quito have been organizing different contests and workshops to show the traditional ways and techniques in the elaboration of dishes from the capital city.

Some of Quito´s signature dishes are Locro, a potato soup with cheese and avocado, Pernil sandwich that is meat of the pork leg (the best of this sandwiches are found in the Huecas under the Cathedral), Hornado, Seco de chivo (goat stew), and Canelazo a drink made with cinnamon and juice from lulo (naranjilla) served hot with sugar cane liquor.

In Quito, the diversity of option not only for dining but to make every meal an experience is very broad. From eating in the street to fine international dining; Hotels with history and renamed chefs that are taking the national cuisine to the next level to enjoy the story telling of legends from the city in the Movil Restaurant Casa 1028; or enjoying a restaurant with a view of the old city and their churches and museums. Quito is a city that will make you fall in love with its people, its narrow streets and cafes with lots of history, museums with soul and a sky that will give meaning to the saying that Quito is the face of God.

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