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Manabí: you won’t get tired of enjoying its gastronomy

Manabí’s Delicious Traditional Gastronomy | Start Living Ecuador

Manabí’s Delicious Traditional Gastronomy

The pleasure provoked by savoring the delicious gastronomy from Manabí is priceless. Its closeness to the sea and its diverse agriculture, allows that visitors rejoice with infinity of dishes, among which the viche, ceviche and corviche stand out, as also does a variety of recipes build around plantain, a staple produce in the region’s dishes, almost always present..

And it is not casual or undeserved the fact that it is considered as the tastiest food in the country. Manabí’s food is one pleasure that you will not want to stop enjoying. The traditional food carries the taste of black salt, and if you prefer sweet flavors you will be able to delight with the delicious alfajores or typical treats. The dairy production is also recognized throughout the country; you will love the famous regional cheese, accompanied exquisite yucca tortillas and a good coffee in midafternoon, a snack that tastes like glory!

Sailor rice, seafood soups, shrimp ceviche, breaded shrimp, grilled conch, conch ceviche, mixed ceviche, among many others, make Manabí the goddess of the Ecuadorian coast. Undoubtedly, the province has much to offer its tourists. Anywhere you look at it, Manabí is a paradise on earth.

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