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Meet Puerto Cayo, the beach of aquatic sports

Puerto Cayo: The Beach of Aquatic Sports | Start Living Ecuador

Puerto Cayo’s beach in Manabí is a paradise of white sand and warm water. There aquatic sports are something irresistible for all those who visit it.

Puerto Cayo’s beautiful beach in Manabí is a paradise of white sand, warm water and kind people. This beach is part of the Machalilla National Park and always more and more tourists fall in love with its warm weather and calm environment.

Besides the beach, there are the aquatic sports that are something irresistible for all those who visit it. The activities you can enjoy are surfing, kayaking and kitesurfing. The quality of the waves brings in internationally recognized surfers. If you cannot surf, don´t worry, in Puerto Cayo you will be able to hire a teacher and get some classes in advance so you can enjoy the waves.

Another sport that will grab your attention is the kitesurf, which is a gliding sport, that consists of using a kite as a push up way to extend the person between ropes that are fasten to a stick while holding them to the body through an harness.

Whatever sport you choose, the adrenaline is a guarantee, also you will have the wind and the waves as your allied making it a sport you will not stop practicing.

Ecuador is one of the most beautiful and biodiversity places in the world, the people, the weather, the landscapes and the food will involve you. Now you can tell us, what will be your favorite sport to practice in your next vacations?

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