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Mud Baths Of San Vicente In Santa Elena Province

A real treasure of medicinal waters, a visit here will turn your vacations into a healthy break for your body and mind.

Many doctors and researchers have studied these muds to find it is rich in silica, iron, calcium, sodium, petroleum and other organic matter. It has been deemed ideal for skin deceases and pain issues.

The complex was built 25 years ago and is located at Km. 104 on the Guayaquil – Santa Elena highway. Just a short turn and about five more kilometers inside through a dirt road. The whole place is about 4 hectares and there you can find four natural thermal pools.

The spring and the small volcano from where the mud is collected are separated by some 70 meters. The weather is a very nice dry 25°C year around. The services that are offered there include:

Mud Therapy: is the volcanic medicinal mud pools, you can apply as much as you want.

Hydrotherapy: there are natural mineral springs coming from a thermal source at 38°C.

Pool: there are several pools, all of them with 22 degrees’ waters.

Massages: you can pay for specialists to give you massages with the medicinal mud and aloe vera. The mud purifies the skin while the aloe hydrates it.

There is a small town nearby that offers lodging and great local fish and seafood dishes. It is one the oldest human settlements in the region; according to historians, it was already there when the Spanish conquerors arrived at the coasts of Guayaquil.

On that note, since the Spanish arrival to this place, San Vicente has been a place known for health.  In 1871 Franz Theodor Wolf, a German naturalist who also studied the Galapagos Islands (and has an Island and a volcano named after him), remarked the existence of these natural springs and their therapeutic properties.  In 1992 Telesforo Villacres took residence in the small city and built the first houses for patients and tourists.

The whole complex was inaugurated in 1984 by then President Oswaldo Hurtado. However, a word of warning for travelers, since then, the complex has been somewhat neglected and looks old. Also, small children are not allowed in the pools because of the elements and temperatures so plan your trip accordingly.

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