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Manta - Ecuador

Pacoche and the Machalilla National Park

Humid Forest of Pacoche | Start Living Ecuador

Located west side of the country, 6 hours from the Capital Quito, or a 50-minute flight, Manabí stands as the fifth largest province in Ecuador with over 71000 square miles of territory. This includes long stretches of beaches and their unique flora.

This province includes two outstanding National Parks within its borders, the humid forest of Pacoche and the Machalilla National Park.

The humid forest of Pacoche is located 15 miles from the city of Manta and is located at the highest point at 1300 feet above sea level. Thus, it has a tropical humid climate making it a unique place in an otherwise arid region. It has fog almost all year around which supports trees and vegetation that are almost only found on the sides of the Andes mountains. It’s really worth taking the time to visit for its beauty and climate.

The second park we recommend is Machalilla National Park. This park and the forests around it include humid forests bathed in light rain. This has created a unique mixture of vegetation in the area. You could find several species of cacti from caudones to chandelier types. This plants mix in an extraordinary way with other species so you can run into different types of canes as guadúa or ficus (locally called matapalos).  Other zones have palm trees or tagua (a wooden tree famous for its dark color and strength). Tagua is from what most handmade craft are being made.

The rest of the zone has been populated so nowadays it’s easy to find corn, banana trees, sugar cane and pasture for cattle.

So, whether you’re going to the beaches to enjoy the sun, it’s worth your while to take a couple of hours and go sightseeing around Manabí to enjoy the dry tropical forest of the Coast of Ecuador, with Ceiba (kapok) trees. Very few places out there have been blessed with such a combination of microclimates.

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