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Manta - Ecuador

Places to visit

Explore Ecuador: Places to visit | Start Living Ecuador

Stretching alongside the Pacific coastline of Ecuador, the Spondylus Route embraces some of the country’s most beautiful coastal natural areas. Places to visit.

Discover our hidden paradise in the middle of the world. Aventure and charm, all in one place.

Considering Ecuador’s flowers, especially roses, are widely recognized, there is no wonder that a particular festival is made to flowers and fruits.

Though they bear as their popular name that of Panama, these hats are made in Ecuador. The quality of the toquilla hats from Montecristi is world renowned.

Around Montecristi you can find cities and towns that will offer you different sceneries and experiences. Here you can find of them.

Probably one of the most luxurious experiences you can have in Ecuador is a trip to the past on board a steam train.