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Puerto Quito, a Paradise of Biodiversity

Created on April 1st, 1996 and located 143 kilometers to the north and west of Quito, Puerto Quito is one of the touristic destinations from the so-called Quitu-Caras Trail, where national and foreign visitors can enjoy from communitarian eco-tourism, adventure trails, or resting next to the Caoni and Silanche rivers and also discover beautiful waterfalls.


One can also visit the pre-Columbian settlements within the area, listen to Puerto Rican marimba, played by the traditional marimba groups of the Afro communities of the Esmeraldas province that settled here ages ago to extract the tagua nuts and rubber.


You can find lodging in cabins built with materials extracted from the zone.


In the nearby tropical humid forests live around 400 bird species and exotic flowers. There are haciendas that harvest tropical fruits and they teach tourists how to prepare the traditional chocolate. Nights light up to the rhythm of marimba, salsa, merengue and other types of music.


Extreme sports have also found a place around Rio Blanco (White River) that goes from Pichincha to Esmeraldas, here you can see the Roca del Vapor (Steam Rock) so called because in winter the river water crashes into the rock and forms a curtain of steam worth a lot of pictures.


But the top attractions of Puerto Quito are four waterfalls.


Blue Waterfall has an amazing natural beauty. You will be guided by the sound of water falling into stone as you walk through a pathway in the forest. Walking to the waterfall you can hear and watch typical birds of the area, especially hummingbirds and horneros (a bird that builds its nest in the form of a bread oven).


The waterfall comes from the Culebra River, it is about 25 meters high and 6 meters wide. Its located about 20 minutes from Puerto Quito, on the Grupo Mieles sector. It is considered a sacred spot by the Tsachila Indians and visitors must get a “limpia” (a traditional cleaning by the shaman). Once this is done the visitor can enter and will find an imposing waterfall and a crystal waters pool with warm waters.


Every corner of Puerto Quito holds surprises for anyone looking to walk, bike or drive through. There are butterfly places, orchid greenhouses, tropical fruits and many other activities.


The other waterfalls are the Silence Waterfall that offers hydrotherapy.

Macallares Waterfall that is a 5 meter fall into an enormous rock, and,

Hidden Waterfall named like so because it is not so visited but it should since it’s hidden inside a paradise of vegetation.


Don’t miss the opportunity to visit new places, and especially become a part of Montecristi Golf Club.

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