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Quito’s Zoo Has Four New Baby Lions

The Guayllabamba Zoo in Quito shared great news on December 2016, four baby lions were borned! And after 47 days, since February 6th, they started to explore and now all visitors can watch them. Though not at all times, if you want to see these beautiful and playful cubs, make sure to be there on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, between 09:00 and 12:30.


Local news reported that the Zoo’s decision to make the lions reproduce had to do with education purposes. Because studying these animals makes a huge contribution towards the

maintenance, promotion and conservation of other feline species found in the Zoo such as pumas and jaguars.  But those are not the only reasons why sometimes the Zoo choses to reproduce some species, for instance the other babies like the Red Titi Monkey baby, will be returned to their natural habitat in order to preserve the species once it reaches a certain age.


And if you decided to visit the Zoo and are already in the area don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about Ecuadorian archaeology in the Cochasqui Pyramids complex.  Cochasqui is a pre-incan site where you can see 15 pyramids and 21 funeral mounds belonging to the Quitu-Cara culture.  Or if you don’t wish to make this detour, then just enjoy in the town of Guayllabamba the traditional Cuisine, in particular you must have the “Locro con queso” with avocado, and the “Empanadas de morocho” accompanied with a glass of “chicha”.


Don’t miss this unique chance to see baby lions while also being able to taste wonderful Ecuadorian food.

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