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Blog: Bolon de Verde Recipe | Start Living Ecuador

Bolon de Verde Recipe. Ecuadorian cuisine has a broad variety. The fact that the country has every region and climate the dishes and cuisine very diverse.

Ecuadorian cuisine has a very brought variety. Starting from the fact that the country has every region and climate you can imagine makes the dishes and cuisine very diverse. In the coast, the food includes plantain and yucca and lots of seafood. But there are also different dishes with beef and chicken.

Seafood and fish are very important for a healthy and balanced diet, they contain vitamin A, omega-3, zinc, iron among other vitamins and minerals. The consumption of them prevents some cardiovascular illnesses and are a good protector against some types of cancer.

Ecuador’s coast is very rich in seafood and fish dishes, one of the most popular is called Ceviche made from fish, shrimp, shellfish, octopus. It is a kind of a cold salad with onions and tomatoes, lemon juice, spices and some herbs. Many will say the best Ceviches are the ones from Manabí.

Guayaquil the capital of Guayas province, located 89 miles from Montecristi, has a very traditional dish called Guatita. This dish is the perfect example of the influence that the Spanish cuisine has in Ecuador since it is the variation of their Callos. It is made from the stomach of the cow cooked with potatoes peanuts and served with rice and avocado

Every family from the coast of Ecuador will know how to make a Bolón, which is a round-shape fritter made with mashed plantain and in the middle has cheese or pork chicharrón. Some variations can be found in size or filling.

Recipe for Bolón (6-8 persons)

Every family will have their own variation but it is a dish you must have in the coast Region of Ecuador.


4 green plantains, peeled and cut into medium sized chunks

4-5 tbs butter or lard

2 tbs oil, canola or sunflower

1 tbs pepper

1 tsp cumin

1 cup grated cheese and/or 1 cup cooked chorizo or chicharrones

Salt to taste


  1. Peel the plantain and cut it into chunks of about 4cm and cook them in a large sauté pan with the butter or lard for about 40 minutes or until they are very soft, turn them about every 10 minutes, they should be slightly golden but not too crispy.

             Sprinkle the cooked plantains with the pepper, cumin, and salt.

  1. Transfer the plantain pieces to a bowl, mash the plantains using a wood masher or a regular potato masher until you obtain chunky dough like consistency. (Do this while they are still hot).
  1. Form balls slightly smaller than the size of a tennis ball with the dough. Make a hole in the middle of each ball and fill it with the cheese or chorizo or chicharrones; gently press the filling into the hole, cover the filling and reshape it back into a ball shape.
  1. Heat the oil over high heat, add the stuffed plantain ball and fry them until they are golden and crispy. Serve immediately and enjoy with a cup of black coffee.


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