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Top Tips for Visiting Ecuador

Here, at Monstecristi Golf Club, we are always looking for making your stay unforgettable, so we have a list of the best tips you need to know before traveling to Ecuador:


Money: Ecuador uses US dollars so you won’t need to bother with exchange rates at any point. However, Ecuadorians are quite used to using one dollar coins. You probably won’t be able to buy a couple of bananas with a twenty-dollar bill so take many dollar and five dollar bills with you and expect to return with a lot of coins in your pockets.


Transportation: you would be wise to arrange for transportation to and from the airport before your arrival in Ecuador. Once in the cities taxi fares won’t set you back more than $3 to $5 but, the taxis making the transportation to and from the airport usually charge a lot more than the standard fees so plan ahead. A regular bus in the city will be around $0.25 so once in Ecuador ask around other passengers for the right bus and save a bunch.


Weather: There are no written rules about the weather in Ecuador. Pretty much the same weather is all year round, however, if you are planning on visiting Galapagos the best time is from December to May if you enjoy a hot weather, whereas from July to November is cooler and often cloudy. For the Amazon jungle May to December would be best and for the Andean region try to travel from April to November it is less rainy although don’t be surprised if you left the hotel with a beautiful sun shining and later that same day you had to take cover from a thunderstorm.


Language: About half the population of big cities in Ecuador will speak English but that’s about it. Learn a little basic Spanish before getting to Ecuador. Thing like “where is such and such”, or “where can I buy this”. Ecuadorians are warm and welcoming people that will help you in any emergency.


Health and Medicine: although you don’t need to get any particular shots to travel to Ecuador bear in mind you are traveling to a foreign place. First be sure to have health insurance. Public hospitals are free but, if you should need to have something bigger checked a private hospital will not be cheap (not US expensive but not free). Most pills and medicines can be bought by the unit and most medicines are sold without a prescription.


Altitude sickness: Most of the cities in the Andean region are well above 6000 feet above sea level. If you feel short of air you probably are getting altitude sickness. Diamox works well but you should take it a couple of days before your travel. Avoid alcohol and coffee as well.


Land of volcanoes: there is a very high chance of you feeling a quake during your stay here.


Roses are cheap: you can buy 25 for about $2.50 so it can be a very nice gift for someone special when you get back home.


And last but never the least and trust me: Roasted guinea pigs are a delicacy, not something reserved only for Andrew Zimmern. You have to try it.

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