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Traditional Games in Ecuador

So, let’s have a look at some of the traditional games we have in Ecuador, those our great grandparents invented, our parents learned from their parents and now we teach and play with our children. Nowadays with all the technology around children pay little to no attention to games involving marbles or chalk. Ecuador still has a good record of keeping up some traditions and you will see some of these games being played in streets and parks, for you to see while living in Ecuador.




The rayuela is probably one of the most played games in Ecuador, in fact, versions of this game are played just about all over the world.


Kids gather around and draw on the floor (be it in the house or the street) a figure with squares and circles. They draw numbers inside sometimes. Any kind of object, but normally a small stone, is taken and thrown following the number sequence. The child then starts jumping the figures using one foot (unless they drew something with side to side figures case in which you land on both feet) and has to come back again, pick the stone and, if they did it correctly and didn’t touch the floor with the other foot or stepped on a line they throw the stone to the next number and start again.


These days in Ecuador is normal to find these rayuelas already painted on the floor of parks and school so children can play.


Canicas (marbles)


Marble games have been around for centuries. Some have been found in the ashes of Pompei and within the tombs of ancient Egyptians. Modern glass marbles that we have all used began being made in 1915 and the process has remained the same ever since.


The game itself is the same all over the world. A circle is drawn on the floor, normally over dirt, and everyone tries to hit the other kids’ marbles out of the circle. Getting around 7 in a row would be a matter of bragging rights for at least a week. Sometimes the game is set so victors claim the marbles for themselves.


El trompo


The trompo (you may know it as whipping top) is a wooden toy with the shape of an inverted pear. It is surrounded with a thin rope and then jerked and thrown into the floor where it will stay turning over its metal tip.


Traditionally a circle was drawn on the floor and some coins were placed inside. These were the «bets». If you can use the trompo to push a coin out it is yours





Not an invention of Ecuadorian people but one of the most used toys in our country especially during the summer days where winds pick up.


Traditionally made out of a kind of cane that grows wildly called «sigse«, every kid in Ecuador has learned just how much care you have to use to take the canes from the plant. Its leaves cut through the skin so easily and painfully that your comet will probably have a couple of drops of blood by the end of the day.


Take a chance and experience these traditional games, that we at Montecristi Golf Club don’t want you to miss while living in Ecuador.

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